3.1 - Customising Charts

The Telemetry2u.com Charts page is available to all users and provides a simple way to to visualise your data history. It also includes a few control options and sensor statistics. You can hover over a point to see the sensor value and time stamp for each individual record.

Data points are usually marked with a Red Circle circle, but any points marked with a Red Triangle Triangle indicate that a sensor is in alert or was in Alert at the time of transmission.

3.1 - Customising Charts

The 'Node' field at the top of the Chart page shows a list of all the nodes that are linked to the users account that they can choose to have displayed. Only one node can be displayed on the Charts page at a time, but it is possible to display multiple sensor inputs from the same node on a maximum of two charts.

The first two sensors will be displayed on the first chart with the remaining sensors on the second chart. The checkboxes at the top of the page determine which sensor inputs will be plotted. The sensor list will vary from node to node depending on what sensors are fitted and what ’Device Configuration' was selected in the Node Maintenence Section. When a sensor is selected, it is both plotted on the chart and its statistics displayed at the bottom.

The Statistics show the current/latest sensor readings as well as the minimum, maximum and averaged readings for the selected period. The period is chosen with the 'Period' selection box and defaults to 24 hours. You can select from '1 hour', '12 hours', '24 hours', 'Past week' and 'Past 30 days'. You can also define a 'Custom period' with a 'Start Date' and 'End Date', but the charts have a display limit of 10,000 records to ease server load.

Any changes made to the chart will not be seen until the 'Load' button is clicked.

If you would like to see a real-time working example of Telemetry2U's Charts page with some demonstration nodes we have set up, please log into our Guest Account and take a tour.