"Our Mission is to simplify IoT, making it readily available to anyone in the most uncomplicated and affordable way"

Telemetry2u is an Australian based company with world wide networks. With a significant amount of time spent working in laboratories and various research centres we saw the need for something better.
LoRaWAN in all its glory provided us with the perfect solution

Telemetry2U IoT platform

Our Company Values

Through our experience we understood that monitoring systems and devices are used to ensure highly valuable and often irreplaceable ‘products’ are maintained in conditions that are perfectly right for their progress. In some instances, these ‘products’ are someone’s livelihood. They are years of research. Millions of dollars of stock. Even the beginning of life.

In other cases, monitoring systems and devices allow us to ensure our belongings, properties and precious items, including our loved ones, are kept safe and secure.

Reliable IoT

This is why, when we started our business it was imperative our products and systems were extremely reliable and accurate

Advanced IoT Platform

We knew the importance of moving with the latest advancements in technology and we’ve developed our systems with the capacity to integrate to evolving technology.

Simple IoT

We believe in making IoT monitoring solutions simple and accessible. We do this by bringning IoT technology to all users, from the backyard tinkerer to large scale operations.The success of our products and systems are due to the ease with which they operate.

Affordable IoT

Affordability is also a key driver for our business. We believe that accessing smart technology shouldn’t cost you the world. Just the same, purchasing affordable products shouldn’t impact on quality.

Customer Feedback

To keep us ahead of the game we rely on our customers. Feedback is critical to our success. As a business that is adaptable we value hearing about your experiences with our products and learning about your monitoring needs.