Covering all your IoT sensor monitoring needs with long-range wireless LoRaWAN technology

Manage real-time events before they become problems through reliable alerts on a simple, yet sophisticated IoT sensor interface with dashboards and charts
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Service & Features

Accessing accurate, reliable and timely data should be easy. Telemetry2U designs solutions that give you around-the-clock control and peace of mind

  • IoT Sensor Dashboard
    Live IoT Dashboard
    Clearly catch all your sensor’s events in real time - on all platforms and devices - with our user-configurable real-time dashboard.
  • IoT Sensor Alerts
    Reliable Alerts
    Receive notifications if a sensor falls out of range or loses connection. Interactive and persistent voice calls ensure events are never missed.
  • IoT Sensor Data History
    Data History
    Your data is kept safe and private on our secure, backed-up servers. Visualise changes and events on interactive charts and tables.

  • IoT User Interface
    User Management
    You’re in charge. Control who sees sensor data or notifications. User access and privileges can be modified by system administrators with ease.
  • IoT Sensor Calibrations
    Our advanced calibration techniques make it possible to acquire NATA Certification Certificates by accredited laboratories on selected devices.
  • IoT Audit Reports
    Audit Reports
    Collate and schedule detailed information on events, notes, calibration data and much more with customisable Audit Reports
IoT charts, dashboards and reports

Suitable for all Environments

Finding a specific sensor for a specific need is made easy. Telemetry2U’s plug-and-play IoT sensors cover most requirements, plus you have the capacity to integrate a whole host of third party sensors for more specialised tasks.

T2U IoT Dissolved Oxygen Meter
  • Laboratory IoT Sensors

    Ensure your product quality meets NATA regulations with accurate and reliable out-of-the-box IoT solutions.

  • Aquaculture IoT Sensors

    Connect to a wide range of industrial and professional grade sensors with our many IoT interface options.

  • Agriculture IoT Sensors

    Maximise your productivity with clever IoT monitoring and control systems designed to make life easy.

How it works

Telemetry2U simplifies monitoring with true plug-and-play technology backed by a powerful, yet easy to use interface.

LoRaWAN Nodes
LoRaWAN IoT Sensors
Choose Your Sensors

We supply proven and reliable LoRaWAN Sensor-Nodes for a huge range of applications. Each one is programmed and tested before shipment to ensure they work right out of the box with minimal installation requirements. Our network server receives raw data via the Gateways, where it is displayed on our front end in a user-friendly format with no programming necessary. Our Dragino RS485-LN node with RS485/MODBUS interface greatly extends your sensor possibilities by allowing you to connect to high end 3rd party sensors. Nodes are usually supplied with a factory calibration but our server can allow for NATA certified calibrations if requested. The calibration coefficients and history are stored on our server rather than the end-devices, ensuring the precious information is never lost with the details provided via our built-in Audit Reports. This allows you to track sensor changes over time. Most sensor-nodes are battery powered and you can expect 8-Years+ of operation with 20 minute sample intervals in good radio contact.

LoRaWAN Gateway
LoRaWAN IoT Gateway
Select Your Gateway

The Gateway is the middle man; picking up the Long Range (LoRaWAN) radio messages sent by your sensors, and passing them onto Telemetry2U's secure and private network server. All that's required is an AC power socket and an internet connection. The Gateway’s range depends on environmental factors, but usually reaches around 10km if unobstructed. We can customise your Gateway for indoor/outdoor use, internal/external antennas, battery back-up and either Ethernet, WiFi or 4G connections. Basically, we can cover nearly all environments and situations depending on your requirements. Gateways are of course shipped with the latest firmware and configuration to ensure a seamless installation with no IT skills required.

Telemetry2U Network Server
IoT Network Server
Pick a Server Plan

The server is where the magic happens. This is where you can view and control your data in near real time. Telemetry2U offer a few licence options depending your expected capacity and the features you require. Our home package costs only $19-/month and allows for up to 5 sensor nodes per Gateway with limited access. Our $99-/Month Commercial plans allow for 1000's of nodes per Gateway and unlocks all server features including 24/7 Alerts, Audit Reports and Complex Calibration techniques. Our server is backed-up up to the Cloud every 30 minutes so you can trust that your data history is secure and never lost. Your plan can be changed or cancelled at any time with no lock-in contract so you stay in control.

Email, SMS and Voice Alerts
IoT User Interface
Log in and Configure

Upon receipt of your goods, all that’s left to do now is plug in, log on and make it yours. Power up your sensors and gateway, then log in to's front end on any of your devices and configure your settings in the way that works best for you. You control who can see your data and receive alerts. Our interactive voice calls will prompt users for a keypad input to confirm that it has been received and if no input is detected, the next user will be notified, and so on, until confirmation is received. This ensures that in the event of an emergency, action is promptly taken with records logged and provided in the scheduled Audit Report.

Server Pricing Table

Pick a server plan that fits your requirements. No lock-in contracts mean you can stop and start the service whenever suits you.

Save 20%




  • Up to 3 Nodes
  • Up to 2 User Accounts
  • Single Dashboard
  • Email Alerts
  • Download Audit Reports
  • Free for 12-months
  • Only $100-/year onwards
  • 6-Month Data Retention
  • Save 17% When Paid Annually

Save 15%




  • Up to 10 Nodes
  • Up to 5 User Accounts
  • Up to 10 Dashboards
  • Email and SMS Alerts
  • Scheduled Audit Reports
  • Add Annotations to Alerts
  • Apply Sensor Calibrations
  • 12-Month Data Retention
  • Save 17% When Paid Annually

Save 20%




  • Unlimited Nodes
  • Unlimited User Accounts
  • Unlimited Dashboards
  • Email, SMS & Voice Alerts
  • Scheduled Audit Reports
  • Add Annotations to Alerts
  • Apply Sensor Calibrations
  • 18-Month Data Retention
  • Save 17% When Paid Annually

Our Products

Our wide range of products offer nearly unlimited solutions - all backed up with a 12-month warranty from date of activation.

Dragino LHT65
Dragino LHT65 LoRaWAN Temperature and Humidity Sensor

Temperature & Humidity with internal and external sensors


Ideal for Hospital and Lab temperature monitoring

Dragino RS485LN
Dragino RS485LN MODBUS to LoRaWN Converter

RS485/MODBUS to LoRaWAN converter


Opens up a host of cost effective applications

Dragino LT22222L
Dragino LT22222L I/O Controller

Input/Output Controller with various inputs and relay outputs


Monitor industrial sensors and control power outputs

Dragino LGT92
Dragino LGT92 GPS/9-Axis MEMS Sensor

GPS/Motion Sensor with Accelerometer and panic button


Added security while keep track of assets in real time

We have many more IoT Sensor Nodes, IoT Gateways, and Accessories available on our Online Store

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