Telemetry2U: Water Quality Monitoring with LoRaWAN and NB-IoT

Telemetry2U has integrated In-Situ's Water Quality SONDES with our IoT cloud through both LoRaWAN and NB-IoT networks, providing aquaculture professionals with the ability to monitor water quality parameters in real-time, ensuring optimal environmental conditions for sustainable aquaculture practices.

Real-Time Water Quality Monitoring

The real-time monitoring of water quality parameters is of utmost importance in every aquaculture application. In fact, maintaining the optimal water conditions for the health and well-being of your specific cultured species is most likely the most important factor of your operation.

Dissolved oxygen levels ensures the survival of most aquatic organisms by supporting respiration. Temperature control is vital as different species have specific temperature requirements and fluctuations can lead to stress, diseases, and reproductive issues. pH balance affects metabolic processes, nutrient absorption, and immune systems. Ammonia and nitrate levels must be controlled to prevent toxicity and negative impacts on growth and immunity, If you've landed on this page, you're no doubt already aware of just how critical water your parameters are.

Finally, there is a viable and cost-effective solution on the market. Telemetry2U offers the real-time monitoring of water quality parameters by seamlessly integrating In-Situ's range of SONDES with our IoT platform. Imagine being able to check in on your aquatic operation at any time - from any internet connected device.

Telemetry2U offers multiple ways to connect.

Aquaculture Water Quality - AquaTROLL 500

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Aquaculture Water Quality - AquaTROLL 500

Reliable wireless technology

Telemetry2U LoRaWAN Integration
DLOS8 LoRaWAN Gateway

LoRaWAN brings huge advantages to the aquaculture industry by solving many of the pitfalls of other common wireless technologies. A single LoRaWAN gateway can receive data from 100’s of water quality sensors, with a range of over 10km line-of-sight through a long-range RF link. The gateway is connected to the internet via Wi-Fi, Ethernet or 4G and it is the only device that needs a connection to the outside world.

Telemetry2U LoRaWAN Integration
Telemetry2U LoRaWAN Integration

NB-IoT is optimized for low-power, wide-area IoT communication, excelling in remote areas with efficient coverage and extended device battery life via narrow bandwidths. Ideal for smart metering and asset tracking, NB-IoT prioritizes data security while seamlessly integrating with cellular networks, making it a pivotal solution for large-scale IoT connectivity in a cost-effective manner.

Aquaculture: In-Situ Water Quality Sondes

In-Situ’s highly customisable multi-parameter SONDES, designed for smartphone interaction and seamless Telemetry2U integration, offer a perfect solution for both on-the-spot assessments and extended, uninterrupted surveillance aquaculture applications. Crafted to excel in adaptability and dependability, In-Situ’s multi-parameter systems boast a titanium build that's resistant to corrosion, an automated antifouling wiper, and a user-friendly LCD display. The synergy within their interconnected array of probes, sensors, cables, communication tools, and software not only economises time and expenses but also addresses prevalent challenges encountered in the realm of water quality monitoring in aquaculture applications.

Telemetry2U LoRaWAN Integration

An Abundance of Sensor Options

  • Temperature
  • Pressure
  • Conductivity (Actual and Specific)
  • Salinity
  • Total Dissolved Salts (TDS)
  • Water Density
  • Barometric Pressure
  • pH and ORP
  • Dissolved Oxygen
  • Oxygen Saturation
  • Oxygen Partial Pressure
  • Chloride (Cl)
  • Total Suspended Solids
  • Rhodamine WT Concentration
  • Rhodamine WT Fluorescence Intensity
  • Nitrate as Nitrogen (NO3--N) concentration
  • Ammonium as Nitrogen (NH4+-N) concentration
  • Ammonia as Nitrogen (NH3-N) concentration
  • Total Ammonia as Nitrogen(NH3-N) concentration
  • Chlorophyll-a Concentration
  • Chlorophyll-a Fluorescence Intensity
  • Blue Green Algae-Phycocyanin Concentration
  • Blue Green Algae-Phycocyanin Fluorescence Intensity
  • Blue Green Algae Phycoerythrin Concentration
  • Blue Green Algae-Phycoerythrin Fluorescence Intensity
  • Fluorescein WT Concentration
  • Fluorescein WT Fluorescence Intensity
  • Fluorescent Dissolved Organic Matter Concentration
  • Fluorescent Dissolved Organic Matter Fluorescence Intensity
  • Crude Oil Concentration
  • Crude Oil Fluorescence Intensity
  • Colored Dissolved OrganicMatter Concentration
Dragino RS485LN Connected to In-Situ AquaTROLL 500

Telemetry2U: Plug-&-Play IoT Integration

The In-situ range of SONDES all host a common RS485 MODBUS RTU output that can seamlessly integrate to the Dragino RS485LN that passes data directly to T2U via the LoRaWAN network. The RS485LN operates in Class-C mode, meaning the device is always awake, awaiting any commands. We do all the programming so that the RS585LN LoRaWAN transceiver is supplied in a plug-and-play format, no complex programming or configurations are required by the end user. We have payload decoders for common sensor configurations but can write custom decoders for any other sensor configuration that may be required for your aquaculture monitoring projects. Alternatively, you can easily create your own decoders and downlink commands on our custom devices page. Either way, we’ve worked hard to ensure that the integration between In-Situ’s range of products and T2U is a simple as possible.

Stand-Alone Water Quality Monitoring in Real-Time

The T2U Solar Sensor Interface kit is a versatile and reliable power solution for remote outdoor monitoring applications. It's designed to power LoRaWAN, NB-IoT, and LTE solutions, but can be used for a wide range of other applications as well. There are both 12-24V DC and standalone solar powered options.

Solar Sensor Interface Kit

Solar Powered Sensor Interface Kit Specifications

  • 20W solar panel with IP67 connector and bird guard for optimal power output
  • Adjustable panel angle using two clamping bolts
  • Online calculator available to determine the best angle
  • 280mm x 280mm x 130mm ABS enclosure with UV-stabilization and IP67 weatherproof rating
  • Hinged lid and latches for easy access
  • Includes ABS mounting plate for additional hardware
  • 12V 7Ah SLA battery and mounting bracket with inline 3A fuse
  • 3A solar charge controller mounted on side of enclosure
  • Provides protection against overcharge, over discharge, over current, and short circuit
  • Venting plug and IP67 push-button switch for added safety
  • Wago terminal block assembly with self-forming screws for quick mounting
  • Fully charges 7Ah battery in approximately 4.16 hours under ideal conditions
  • Battery life of approximately 9.7 days with no sun for a Class-C LoRaWAN end-device with an average current of 30mA at 12V

Working Examples

Check out a couple of our example dashboards, offering real-time and historical insights with both an In-Situ AquaTroll 500 SONDE and some other Oceanographic Sensors. See first hand how our versatile solutions optimise resource management and efficiency

Aquaculture Sensors - AT500

Oceanographic Sensors

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