"Monitor and control your greenhouse or hydroponics set-up on the IoT cloud using a LoRaWAN network

Collect real time enviromenta data, receive alerts and remotely control your lights, heaters, water pumps, air-vents, and more - all from your smartphone

Monitor and control greenhouse or hydroponics set-up through the IOT cloud

One of the most important parts of keeping a garden is to ensure you’re giving your plants the right conditions. Obviously, this is difficult to manage when you’re up against the elements. A few hot Summer days or some frost-bitten mornings can be disastrous for farmers and amateur gardeners alike. Likewise, certain plants simply won’t grow in certain conditions. So if you’re growing commercially, or simply want to provide the best possible care for your plants, you’re going to want them in an closed system. For most, a hydroponics system or a greenhouse will do alright. For those looking for the best possible conditions for their plants and crops? You’ll need a LoRaWAN Green house of hydroponics system.

Every plant has different needs, and you’ll need to closely monitor those needs if you’re hoping to maximise yield. While its clear that a greenhouse will keep in heat and moisture, its not so clear exactly how much.

Soil (or in the case of a hydroponics system, nutrient solution) parameters are also extremely important to monitor. The warmth, humidity and pH of soil and nutrient solutions is important, but so are more complicated readings, like conductivity.

Monitor and control your greenhouse or hydroponics set-up on the IoT cloud using a LoRaWAN network

Plus, if you’re running a system indoors, you’re naturally going to need to be in charge of light levels, rainfall and air quality. How much carbon dioxide are your hungry plants getting? How much light is hitting their leaves? Is your irrigation system working properly?

These are all questions a LoRaWAN system can answer – whether you be an amateur hydroponics enthusiast, a hobby farmer, or a fully-fledged agriculturalist.

The solution

LoRaWAN networks allow you to gather data from sensors and send it to the cloud. Once your data is on the cloud, you’re able to use any internet connected device and see, in real-time, exactly how your plants are faring. Having real time insights, plus historical data, is key to the best possible yields from your crop.

For instance, fitting out your greenhouse with just the following sensors will allow you to keep a finger on the very pulse of your garden:

Dragino LLMS01 - LoRaWAN Leaf Moisture Sensor

The Dragino LLMS01 is a LoRaWAN leaf moisture and temperature sensor and when used with Telemetry2U, quickly enables a level of smart farming through the Internet of Things (IoT). Leaf Moisture can be important for controlling anything from fungus and diseases to irrigation systems. With T2U, you can be alerted if your leaf's require watering/moisturizing or when there is a dew or they are frozen, helping you optimize growth and general farm management.

You can take a look at a live demo here.

LoRaWAN leaf moisture and temperature sensor for greenhouse or Hydroponics setup
Dragino LSN50V2-S31 - Temperature and Humidity Sensor

The Dragino LSN50v2-S31 LoRaWAN Temperature and Humidity Sensor is fitted with a quality Sensorion SHT31 probe in an anti-condensation enclosure with a 3-meter cable that has been factory calibrated and temperature compensated, so can precisely measure Temperature and Humidity both indoors or outdoors. It has a temperature range of -40 to 85C and a Humidity range of 0 to 99.9%. The node is fitted with an external antenna for extra long range and the internal 8500mA battery can last up to 10-years with a modest 20-minute uplink interval.

You can take a look at a live demo here.

Monitor temperature and humidity of greenhouse of Hydroponics setup
Dragino LSE01 - LoRaWAN Soil Moisture Sensor

The Dragino LSE01 is a LoRaWAN Soil Moisture & EC Sensor detects Soil Moisture, Soil Temperature and Soil Conductivity, and uploads the the via wireless to LoRaWAN Network. It is designed to measure the soil moisture of saline-alkali soil and loamy soil. The soil sensor uses the FDR method to calculate the soil moisture, with compensation for soil temperature and conductivity.

You can take a look at a live demo here.

Use LoRaWAN monitor soil moisture in greenhouse or hydroponics setup

Once these are hooked into your own private LoRaWAN network, and your data is on the cloud, you’ll be able to keep an eye on plant conditions in real time. But it gets better.

Dragino LT22222L - LoRaWAN I/O Controller

If you see them changing, you’ll be able to act quickly to correct any drifts away from the ideal conditions. LoRaWAN doesn’t just let your greenhouse or hydroponics system talk to you. It lets you talk back.

With IoT pumps, actuators and controllers, you’ll be able to hook up certain functions of your greenhouse to be operated remotely using the Dragino LT22222L LoRaWAN I/O controller. Plants getting too much light? Turn down your grow lights, or put up some shaders. Soil getting to dry? Turn on your irrigation or close some air vents.

With LoRaWAN, creating an automated Greenhouse or Hydroponics system isn’t difficult. It isn’t even particularly expensive. We’d love to explain how.

Use LoRaWN to control pumps and vents on greenhouses and hydroponics setups

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