LoRaWAN Power Meter and Controllers

Don’t wait for the worst to happen. Our power meters and controllers are the perfect way to keep tabs on your appliances and critical instruments power and current draws. The perfect system for site-wide surveillance, and world-wide peace of mind. Read on or Get in Touch for more information.

Netvox R809A
Power Switch/Meter
Netvox R809A Power Switch/Meter

Will allow to control the power state as well as measure the power draw in near real time.

Netvox R718N1
30A 1-Phase Current Meter
Netvox R718N1 30A 1-Phase Current Meter

Can be clamped to a wire to measure AC current draw up to 30A on a single phase.

LoRaWAN IoT Devices We Support

Have we missed something? Telemetry2U provides LoRaWAN sensor nodes for almost every application and environment. But if you have custom requirements or another type of sensor in mind, get in touch with us today! We'll add your device to our IoT platform for a true plug-and-play experience.