Real-time energy monitoring: Track electricity usage and optimise energy efficiency with cutting-edge IoT sensors combined with our IoT platform

Measure, control, trigger, and automate power to appliances – all from your smartphone

Manage and Monitor electricity usage in Real-time

Real-Time Temperature Monitoring

Experience the future of energy management with Telemetry2U's real-time power monitoring solution. Our cutting-edge IoT platform allows you to track electricity usage, control power to appliances, and analyse energy consumption with unparalleled precision. Whether you're looking to optimise energy efficiency, automate power management, or receive instant alerts on your energy usage, Telemetry2U provides the tools you need for comprehensive and intelligent power monitoring. Explore the features below to see how our innovative solutions can transform your energy management strategy.

  • Comprehensive Hardware Options: Access a wide range of hardware capable of measuring both total power consumption and real-time electricity usage.
  • Insightful Energy Analysis: Analyze historical energy usage to gain valuable insights, helping you achieve optimal energy efficiency.
  • Smart Appliance Control: Measure and control power to appliances from your smartphone using inline power sockets.
  • Automated Power Management: Configure time-based commands to automate appliance power control, enhancing convenience and efficiency.
  • Sensor-Based Automation: Trigger appliance power based on sensor readings, such as turning on a heater when the temperature drops below a certain threshold.
  • Detailed Statistical Data: View and compare electricity usage over various time ranges, with easy day-by-day comparisons.
  • Real-Time Alerts: Configure email, SMS, and voice alerts for energy usage parameters, receiving immediate notifications if an appliance stops or starts drawing power.
  • Automated Audit Reports: Set up audit reports that can be downloaded or emailed automatically, providing a clear summary of electricity usage and performance.

Why Choose LoRaWAN for Power Monitoring?

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A single LoRaWAN gateway can connect hundreds of sensors to the cloud via your Wi-Fi connection. This extremely low-power network boasts an impressive range of over 10 km outdoors between the gateway and sensors. With LoRaWAN, you can do much more than measure energy levels. Telemetry2U’s platform supports a wide variety of hardware, enabling diverse applications such as real-time water monitoring, environmental control, security systems, and more. This versatility sets us apart in the energy monitoring field, showcasing our ability to address multiple needs with one comprehensive solution.

Dragino LPS8N Gateway

Comprehensive Hardware Options

Here are a few examples showcasing LoRaWAN power monitoring and control sensors from leading manufacturers. Telemetry2U supports these and many more, ensuring compatibility across a wide range of devices.

Dragino SN50V3
With an LED Sensor

SN50V3 Optical Sensor

Quickly self-install an optical sensor to your power meters LED to start monitoring your real time energy consumption.

Netvox 718N
(CT) Sensor

Netvox R718N CT Sensor

Install Current Transformers (CT) on individual circuits to gain deep insights into how exactly you power is being consumed.

Milesight WS523
Smart Socket

WS523 Smart Power Socket

Measure and control power to appliances remotely from your smartphone with an inline smart power socket.

HKT Technology
Smart Breaker

HKT Smart Circuit Breaker

Measure and control power at the source using a feature packed LoRaWAN enabled smart circuit breaker.

More than Just Energy Monitoring

Once you have a LoRaWAN network on-site, a wide range of applications becomes available to you. There are numerous LoRaWAN devices on the market equipped with various sensors and controllers. Here are just a few examples of what you can do when combined with Telemetry2U:

  • Early Leak Detection: Detect water leaks early to prevent damage and mould growth, with immediate alerts to your phone.
  • Temperature and Humidity Monitoring: Maintain comfort by monitoring and controlling indoor conditions, crucial for HVAC and nurseries.
  • Real-time Water Flow Measurement: Track water usage in real-time to optimise consumption and manage bills, ideal for irrigation.
  • Real-time Power Measurement: Monitor household energy use to manage consumption, improve efficiency, and reduce costs.
  • Air Quality Monitoring: Ensure a healthy home by tracking VOCs, CO2, and particulate levels, important for urban areas.
  • Human Movement Detection: Enhance security and efficiency with motion sensors for automated lighting and climate control.
  • Door and Window Status Monitoring: Improve security with alerts for unexpected door or window openings, preventing unauthorised access.
  • Smart Lighting Control: Automate lighting based on occupancy and natural light, saving energy and adding convenience.
  • Solar Panel Monitoring: Track solar panel performance to ensure maximum energy production and timely maintenance.
  • Battery Management: Monitor home backup batteries to ensure reliable performance during outages and optimal energy use.
LoRaWAN Laboratory Applications

Check out a couple of our example dashboards, offering real-time and historical insights into both energy and water usage. See first hand how our versatile solutions optimise resource management and efficiency

Energy Usage Monitoring

Water Usage Monitoring

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