LoRaWAN Temperature / Humidity Sensors

Monitoring products in a cold chain? Keeping your plants happy in a greenhouse? Whatever your needs, Telemetry2U has a solution. Our temperature and Humidity sensors are perfect for everything from vaccine storage to incubation chambers. Read on or Get in Touch for more information.

Dragino LHT65
Temp/Humidity Sensor
Dragino LHT65 Temperature and Humidity Sensor

Measure temperature and humidity with an external connector for various sensors

Dragino LNS50V2-S31
Temp/Humidity Sensor
Dragino LNS50V2-S31 Temp/Humidity Sensor

Fitted with a robust SHT31 temperature and humidity probe on a 3-meter cable

Dragino LNS50V2-D20
Temperature Sensor
Dragino LNS50V2-D20 Temperature Sensor

Fitted with a waterproof and rust proof temperature sensor a 3-meter cable

Netvox R718B
PT1000 Temperature sensor
Netvox R718B PT1000 Temperature sensor

Available with one or two PT100 Temperature sensors with 0.5C accuracy.

Netvox R718CT
Thermocouple Sensor
Netvox R718CT Thermocouple Sensor

Available with one or two T-Type Thermocouple sensors with 0.5C accuracy.

Netvox R720A
Temperature/Humidity Sensor
Netvox R720A Thermocouple Sensor

Battery powered LoRaWAN Temperature/Humidity can be placed inside fridges & freezers.

Netvox R711
Indoor Temperature Sensor
Netvox R711 Indoor Temperature/Humidity Sensor

An Indoor LoRaWAN node designed to measure the temperature and humidity of ambient air.

Netvox R712
Outdoor Temperature Sensor
Netvox R712 Indoor Temperature/Humidity Sensor

Outdoor Temperature node in a waterproof housing

LoRaWAN IoT Devices We Support

Have we missed something? Telemetry2U provides LoRaWAN sensor nodes for almost every application and environment. But if you have custom requirements or another type of sensor in mind, get in touch with us today! We'll add your device to our IoT platform for a true plug-and-play experience.