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We've done all the hardwork so that adding devices to Telemetry2U is as easy as entering the EUI keys and selecting the correct template. Don't take our word for it, start things off yourself with a FREE 14-day trial and see how easy it is first hand.

New users who purchase hardware from our online store will enjoy 60-days of FREE access on our IoT Platform for each device purchased.

Telemetry2U IoT Platform


per device per month
1-Month Data Retention
20-Minute Transmit Rate


per device per month
3-Month Data Retention
10-Minute Transmit Rate


per device per month
12-Month Data Retention
5-Minute Transmit Rate
Unlimited IoT Dashboards Unlimited Dashboards
Unlimited IoT Platfrom Users Unlimited Users
LoRaWAN Network Integration Unlimited Gateways
IoT Cloud Storage Cloud Storage
Automation Event Automation
Sensor Calibrations Sensor Calibrations
Audit Reports Audit Reports
Alerts Alert Notifications