"You and your family have had the key-fob to open the gate in your pockets the whole time!"

Open your gate with your smart phone through Telemetry2U's IoT cloud.

Open your gate with your Smartphone

Electric gates have risen in popularity in recent years. Many homeowners have made the decision to install one for a variety of reasons; added value to their property, security or just for the sheer convenience. But as useful as electric gates may be, the systems are not without faults.

If you have an electric gate, leaving your key-fob inside your home or on your desk at work is an all too familiar mistake. Not having enough key-fobs to go around can also become a pain, as you struggle to keep track of which of the kids has borrowed yours. And as all electric gate owners know, you’ll find yourself perpetually answering calls from friends, family and other visitors as they wait in your driveway to punch in the combination.

The electric gate is a system ripe for improvement with new Internet of Things technology. That’s where Telemetry2U comes in.

Seabird SBE37SMP to LoRaWAN
The solution

Lets start with the fob.

The key-fob is an unnecessary addition to the electric gate system; yet another thing to carry around or forget about. Instead, why not use something you already carry around with you? Your smartphone.

With one of Telemetry2Us Dragino LT22222L I/O Controllers, you can easily sync up your electric gate to the cloud. This allows you to simply tap a button on your smartphone, and with a small 4 second delay (on average), your gate will open – just like it would with a fob, but without the need for a fob in the first place.

Unlike your key-fob - which is limited to work only within a small distance – a networked gate can be opened from anywhere. You can open the gate easily for visitors, deliveries, and more from anywhere with an internet connection.

What’s more, the connection is now two-way. Because your gate is online, not only can you tell it when to open, it can tell you when it’s open. For professional, industrial, or agricultural applications, receiving alerts when your gate opens, or stays open for too long, is a fantastic security measure.

And now that your gate is networked, why not make use of some of the other outputs on your Dragino LT22222L? Remote controlled downlights, opening and closing warning sirens, and more can now be easily hooked up should you require them.

IoT I/O Controller to open gate
It gets better

Speaking of agricultural applications, thanks to Telemetry2U’s LoRaWAN network, this technology isn’t just limited to electric gates in front of suburban homes. Setting up systems in rural areas is not just possible, but simple.

If your gate is in a remote location, a battery and solar array can be used to power the electric motor. A DC input monitor will allow you to keep tabs on the status of your batteries in real-time, and long-range antennas will allow you to keep your farm fully networked across large acreages. Putting ‘off grid’ technology onto the grid is what we specialize in, after all.

If you would like to learn more, please get in touch today.

Solar Power gate

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