Unlock Your Gate Anywhere, Anytime with Telemetry2U: The Smart, Secure, and Convenient IoT Solution for Remote Gate Control.

Effortlessly manage your gate with real-time alerts, remote access, and customisable features for maximum convenience and security.

Control your gates with your smartphone

Open Gate with Smartphone

Looking for a reliable and innovative solution to control your gate remotely? Telemetry2U’s IoT platform offers unparalleled convenience and security, allowing you to open your gate from anywhere with your smartphone. Our system provides real-time alerts, easy installation, and flexible access control, making it the ideal choice for residential, commercial, and agricultural applications. With features like customisable dashboards, event history logging, and versatile accessory control, Telemetry2U stands out as the best option for smart gate management. Experience the benefits of LoRaWAN connectivity and join countless users who trust Telemetry2U for their IoT needs.

  • Remote Gate Access: Open your gate with your smartphone from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Instant Alerts: Receive notifications on your smartphone as soon as your gate is opened.
  • Scheduled Operations: Set automatic schedules for gate opening and closing.
  • Flexible Access Control: Grant access to employees, friends, and family with ease.
  • Event History: View and download detailed logs of gate activity.
  • Battery Monitoring: Measure and monitor the battery voltage of your gate system.
  • Customisable Dashboards: Tailor your control interface with customisable and responsive dashboards.
  • Non-Interfering Design: The system does not interfere with existing keyfobs.
  • Easy Installation and Configuration: Designed for simple installation and setup.
  • Accessory Control: Use additional outputs to control lights, locks, and other accessories.
  • Versatile Applications: Can be applied to garage roller doors and other access points.
  • LoRaWAN Connectivity: Covers a large area and connects hundreds of sensors to the cloud.

Reliable Remote Gate Control with LoRaWAN Technology

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LoRaWAN technology offers outstanding range, with a single LoRaWAN gateway covering an entire neighbourhood and often reaching over 10 km outdoors. These gateways connect your wireless gate control sensors to the cloud using Ethernet or Wi-Fi, with optional 4G backup for added reliability. Battery backup ensures your gate control system stays operational during power outages. Telemetry2U uses LoRaWAN to provide reliable remote gate management. Our hardware supports a range of applications, from automated gate opening and closing to real-time monitoring, making it a practical solution for all your gate control needs. Check out our LoRaWAN gateway configuration guide for more information on adding a LoRaWAN gateway to Telemetry2U. Alternatively, you can check out this YouTube video.

RAK LoRaWAN Gateway

Recommended hardware for Remote Gate Control

Remote Gate LoRaWAN Hardware

Once you have a LoRaWAN network in place, you can choose from a variety of sensors and end-devices. For remote gate control, we recommend the Dragino LT-22222-L I/O controller. It's powered by 12-24V and offers relay outputs and analogue inputs. To detect your gates open/close status, we recommend the Dragino LDS03A Door and Window sensor. It's battery operated making it very simple to install and uses a magnetic sensor for detection. Here’s how to set it up:

  1. Adding hardware to IoT platform: Adding hardware to Telemetry2U is super easy. You basically add the keys and select one of our custom built payload decoders. You can read more in our quick guide or check out this YouTube video.
  2. Power Connection: Your gate control box likely has a 12-24V power supply that can be used to power the Dragino LT-22222-L I/O controller.
  3. Relay Output: Connect one of the relay outputs to the push-button input on your gate control board. Check your gate controller documentation for details.
  4. Battery Monitoring: If your gate is solar-powered with a battery, you can monitor the battery voltage by connecting it to one of the analogue voltage inputs on the LT-22222-L.
  5. Power/Control Accessories: You may like to use the second relay on the LT-22222-L to power other accessories, like a gate lock or light/strobe that can be controlled with your smartphone or PC.

Using the PB01 LoRaWAN Button to Open Your Gate

PB01 LoRaWAN Button Trigegrs Gate

The PB01 LoRaWAN button is a game-changer for gate access. Unlike traditional key fobs, this button boasts an impressive long-range capability, allowing you to open your gate from much farther away. You can keep it in your car, eliminating the need to get your phone out every time you arrive home. With the PB01, anyone in your household can easily access and use it. No more fumbling for keys or phones – just press the button, and Telemetry2U sends a signal to the LT2222L I/O controller to open the gate.

Create a dashboard to control your gate remotely

Once your LoRaWAN hardware is connected and configured, you can create a custom dashboard to control your gate and monitor its status in real-time. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Create a Dashboard: Start by creating a new dashboard and enable Dashboard Editing.
  2. Add Widgets: Click on a widget to add it to the canvas, then double-click the widget to adjust its settings.
  3. Save Your Dashboard: Once you've configured your widgets, click the Save Button and disable Dashboard Editing.
  4. Responsive Mode: For optimal viewing on small screens like smartphones, enable Responsive Mode. This will collapse the dashboard into a single column on small screens.
  5. Share with Users: To share your dashboard with others, select the Company Wide checkbox, making it accessible to all users under your account.
RAK LoRaWAN Gateway

LoRaWAN is capable of so much more.

With such an abundance of LoRaWAN end-devices, you can do so much more than just open a gate. Check out a couple of our example dashboards, offering real-time and historical insights into both energy and water usage. See first hand how our versatile solutions optimise resource management and efficiency

Energy Usage Monitoring

Water Usage Monitoring